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Board of Directors
A founder's committee first met on September 14, 2000.  On November 8, 2000 Steve Salisbury was appointed President and Linda Kiehl Secretary.  The Rice Lake Sports Hall of Fame became Incorporated on March 21, 2001 and on May 22, 2001 a Board of Directors was established and officers elected.



President:  Louie Foss

Vice President:  Jim Peterson



Secretary:  Sue Drew


Board Members:

Tim Lipke
Steve Salisbury
Bert Richard
Don Storm (Treasurer)
Mark Berger
Scot Arnold
Scott Thompson
Mike Kovacevich
Dave Dushek

Past and present Board of Directors (2000-current)
Steve Salisbury, 2000-current
Louis Foss, 2000-current
Bob Marsh, 2000-2012
Jess Miller, 2000-2004
Jack Thomas, 2000-2003, 2005
Warren Leary, 2000-2003
Linda Kiehl, 2000-2003
Charlotte Grilley, 2000-2001
Bob Heffner, 2000
Bill Smith, 2001-2002
John Wick, 2002-2012
Joan Kahl, 2002-2005
Sue Drew, 2003-current
Scot Arnold, 2003-2005, 2014-current
Bob Lehman, 2003-2005
Ted Romportl, 2004-2013
Ray Vaughn, 2004-2006
Sheila Kisling, 2004-2005
Don Storm, 2006-current
Burnell Hanson, 2006-2012
Ken Vesper, 2006-2008
Mark Berger, 2007-current
John Roberts, 2010-2013
Scott Thompson, 2012-current
Jim Peterson, 2013-current
Bert Richard, 2014-current
Tim Lipke, 2016-current
Mike Kovacevich, 2018
Dave Dushek, 2018

Board of Directors Officers
President:  Steve Salisbury, 2000-2005
                 John Wick, 2006-2007
                 Louis Foss, 2008-current
Vice- President:  Jess Miller, 2001-2004
                         John Wick, 2005
                         Louis Foss, 2006-2007
                         Ken Vesper, 2008
                         Burnell Hanson, 2009-2012
                         Scott Thompson, 2013-2014
                         Jim Peterson, 2015-current
Secretary:  Linda Kiehl, 2000-2002
                 Sue Drew, 2003-current
Treasurer:  Bob Marsh, 2001-2012
                 Don Storm, 2013-current